1. Cities Reassembled by Mister Mourau


    Mister Mourao (aka Vasco Mourao) is a Portuguese architect turned into a freelance illustrator with (as he explains) “a tendency for obsessive drawing“. His methodical and detailed illustrations represent real or invented structures and buildings always from different perspectives. …

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    Black and White, drawings, Architecture, Art, Territories

  2. The Imaginary City of Tamponville (Aurélien Debat and Marc Kauffmann)


    Tamponville is an imaginary city created by French illustrator Aurélien Debat and architect Marc Kauffmann. The duo collaborated for the creation of 47 rubber stamps (tampons, in French), through which it is possible to print a set of shapes, textures and architectural elements. A possibly in…

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    illustration, Architecture, Art, Territories

  3. Unnamed Road, by Jungjin Lee (2010-2012)


    “There, what I wished to do was to ‘gaze’ at the presence of the land, without being affected by its accumulated sorrow and desires, without adding my personal thoughts, like the silence of an olive tree that has been standing long histories” Jungjin Lee   Jungjin Lee, a photographer born i…

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    conflict, israel, photography, west bank, Art, Culture, Territories

  4. Section Drawings by Céline Jesberger and Pierre-Louis Filippi


    Two former students of ours, at the Atelier we teached in with Luca Galofaro two years ago, (dedicated to “Religion”), Céline and Pierre-Louis proved to have a fine architectural and artistic sensibility. We’d like to propose here on Socks a series of hand drawn cross-sections t…

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    Architecture, drawings, Architecture, Art, Culture

  5. Mary Miss’s 1977–1978 Perimeters/Pavilions/Decoys


    Mary Miss (1944), pioneer of land art, focuses her outdoor interventions on the experience of the individual moving in a particular landscape; her environmental artworks, incorporating architectural materials (wood, metal, concrete…), “create situations emphasizing a site’s history, …

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    , Architecture, Art, Territories

  6. Reinventing Monumentaly: the Competition for the District of Les Halles by A.Monestiroli (1979)


    The troubled history of Les Halles district in Paris is about to enter another chapter with the imminent completion of the new building designed by French office Berger & Anziutti. Almost forgotten, a powerful ‘absolute architecture’ project stood out in the 1979 competition,…

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    , Architecture, Territories

  7. Framework by Dan Opheim


    The work of Dan Opheim is based on the technique of collage. Spliced up in sections and then recomposed in an aleatory manner, his mostly B/W drawings of urban scenes, car wrecks and cockpits are an excercise in the research for an ideal fringe between realism and abstraction. Dan Opheim is also…

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    , Art

  8. Being in Love Eases the Pain, Illustrations by Harriet Lee Merrion


    Harriet Lee-Merrion (b. 1991) is a free-lance illustrator living in Bristol, originally from Falmouth, Cornwall. Her recurring theme is the complexity of human condition, analyzed through a visual style which reveals an ideal balance between oriental features and English heritage. Narrations of…

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    illustration, psychology, Art, Culture

  9. Mutual Tunnels by Jun Cen


    Jun Cen is an award winning Chinese illustrator and animator who is currently based in New York. He recently directed a hand-drawn animated short film titled “Mutual Tunnels” with original musical score by Jason Charney. Two naked figures cross a city reconquered by nature, like …

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    drawings, nature, Art, Territories

  10. Effimero: or the Postmodern Italian Condition (14th Venice Biennale of Architecture – 2014)


      Effimero: or the Postmodern Italian Condition a research project by architect and historian Léa-Catherine Szacka, on display at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, as a part of “Monditalia”. This section of the Venetian exhibition focuses …

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    Biennale, exhibition, venice biennale, Architecture, Culture

  11. The Shape of Poetry /2 : Dom Sylvester Houédard’s ‘Typestracts’


    “Mind is being continuously approached by God in the self-gift of His luminous Being, and we try to stop and grasp at short moments of time. But mind is like a river in fluxu et in fieri, it flows as it becomes”. Dom Sylvester Houédard. From “Commentaries on Meister Eckhart Se…

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    typed art, Art, Culture, Media

  12. Theory of Non-Sites, by Robert Smithson (1968)


    In 1967 Robert Smithson began exploring the industrial areas around New Jersey and, after assisting to dumper trucks excavating tons of earth and rocks, he described them as the equivalent of the monuments of antiquity. The series of “Non-Sites” resulted from the installation in the…

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    , Art, Media, Territories