1. Luke Fenech’s Stories, Maps and Connections


      London based illustrator and graphic designer Luke Fenech creates works ranging from prints and editorial design to branding and illustration. In an interview for the Swiss magazine Ligature, he defined his work as “more of a process / research based thing than a stylistic …

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    graphic design, illustration, maps, Architecture, Art, Territories

  2. Socks-Studio/Microcities in 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale: State of Exception (Spacelab’s Weekend Monditalia Special)


    Thanks to the kind invitation of the guys at the Italian design and architecture studio Spacelab (Luca Silenzi + Zoè Chantall Monterubbiano architects), we (Socks-Studio and Microcities) will be guest contributors among a group of “twelve intellectuals, designers, bloggers of different ages…

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    , Architecture, Art, Culture, Territories

  3. The St.Benedictusberg Abbey at Vaals by Hans Van der Laan


    The St.Benedictusberg Abbey at Vaals (Netherlands) is a Benedectin Abbey which was built starting in 1922 as a simple quadrilater with two towers marking the corners and left unfinished for several years. In 1968 the main church, a crypt and an atrium were added following a project by Dutch a…

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    proportions, religious architecture, theory, Architecture, Culture

  4. Eileen Gray’s 1920’s Screens


    Fascinated by traditional lacquerware technique, Irish furniture designer and pioneer Modern architect Eileen Gray (1878 – 1976), (related, on Socks) perfected her skills over many years in a series of room dividers, (or screens). The use of recessed piano-like hinges allowed the furni…

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    Design, furniture, Art

  5. Less is (not) a Bore: Illustrations and Designs by Okuyama Taiki


    Okuyama Taiki is a Tokyo based, Japanese graphic designer and illustrator born in 1988. His designs are quite minimalist without ever looking boring. As he describes one of them: they are “fast and cheap graphics”. In his tumblr Noichigo_source he lets all his “dirty c…

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    drawings, illustration, Japan, Art, Media

  6. “I haven’t found a measure yet / To calibrate my displeasure yet”: The design sensibility of post-punk band WIRE


      The stark urgency and clean lines of their prose mirrored the light-metal severity of groups like Wire, the Banshees, and Gang of Four, just as the record design aesthetic of the time emphasized a bold, bracing geometry of hard angles and primary-color blocks. Symon Reynolds – Rip i…

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    album, cover, music, post-punk, Art, Media, Sounds

  7. Axonometric Drawings by Icinori


    Icinori is a duo based in France, formed by illustrators and graphic designers Raphael Urwiller and Mayumi Otero (the work of the latter was already featured on Socks). Their works, despite a limited yet varied palette are an expression of the artists’ confidence with a multiplicity of …

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    axonometries, drawings, Art, Media, Territories

  8. Rhytmus 21, an Early Abstract Film by Hans Richter (1921)


    Hans Richter (April 6, 1888 – February 1, 1976), a German avant garde artist who had contacts with  “Der Blaue Reiter“, Cubism and Dada movements, was an early experimenter in abstract filming. Deeply involved in political militancy, he opposed war and supported the revolution. He co-…

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    avant garde, film, Art, Media

  9. Drawings by Voidwreck (Karl Nawrot and Walter Warton)


    Voidwreck aka. Karl Nawrot and Walter Warton is an Amsterdam-based duo of illustrators and artists. Among the drawings shown here, there are those for Birminghams’ 

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    drawings, illustrations, Architecture, Art

  10. "I feel that Man has no Place in These Pictures". Paintings by Maurice Wade


    English artist Maurice Wade (1917-1991) portrayed urban and industrial landscapes of the areas around his hometown, bordering the Trent and Mersey Canal. The buildings are strongly delineated against the white sky and water and only a few – mostly dark – tones  to describe each ima…

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    industrial, Landscape, Paintings, Art, Territories

  11. "Alpi" is a Film by Armin Linke (2011)


      Armin Linke (1966 -) is a renowned artist working with film and photography, whose productions sit at the border between fiction and reality. His works revolve around the relation between human activity and the natural and manmade landscape. One of his recent projects, awarded at the…

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    alps, Art, Culture, Media, Territories

  12. Potential Monuments of Unrealised Futures: Penthouse, by Edi Hila


    Edi Hila (1944 – ) is an Albanian artist and teacher (among his students are renowned artists Adrian Paci and Anri Sala) living and working in Tirana, interested in the historical changes occurred in post communist European countries. His practice reflects on the transitory nature of…

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    post communist countries, Architecture, Art, Culture