1. On Being Aware of Nature: Mario Giacomelli’s Landscapes


    Mario Giacomelli, a self-taught photographer began photographing after World War II. His style, characterized by bold contrasts, was inspired by Neo-Realist movies such as those by De Sica and Rossellini. He was interested in capturing scenes of everyday life (People, Little Priests), as well as…

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    agricolture, marks, nature, stripes, Art, Media, Territories

  2. Inhabiting Memories: Dagmar Schmidt’s Garbungsstädte - a Tribute to the Plattenbauten (2003-2005)


    “Plattenbauten” are buildings whose structure is assembled out of prefabricated concrete slabs. Widely used in East Germany since the 1960s for public housing programs, they were applied extensively, especially in the United Kingdom for the rapidity of construction and their relative …

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    Concrete, installation, interior, Architecture, Art, Culture, Territories

  3. Ink and Soap Houses by Felicity Warbrick


    This series of ink on paper monoprints, created between 2010 and 2011, is made up of detailed houses, barns and factories crystallised while decaying or already in ruins and occupying only a small portion of the scene. British artist Felicity Warbrick drew these silent buildings, depicted from th…

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    drawings, ink, sculptures, soap, Architecture, Art

  4. Josef Albers’s Albums Covers: the Provocative and Persuasive Percussions Series (1958-1961)


    Enoch Light (1905-1978), a classical violinist, bandleader and sound recording engineer, founded Command Records in 1959, with the precise purpose to create recordings of high quality and able to take advantage of new technical capabilities of home audio equipment between late 1950’s and…

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    cover art, music, records, Art, Media, Sounds, Technology

  5. Ettore Sottsass Jr.’s Metaphors (1972-1979)


    “He starts leaving discrete signs in landscape, almost invisible traces, he continues building real architectural or metaphors of architectural profession. ” (Barbara Radice) “Design Metaphors” is a sequence of photographs taken by Ettore Sottsass Jr. during his journeys t…

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    desert, land art, metaphors, Architecture, Art, Territories

  6. Spuk, a Story without Characters by Niklas Rüegg


    Niklas Rüegg is a visual artist living in Bruxelles and Zurich. His work Spuk (“Ghost“) is (what remains of) a comic, a sequence generated by excising all characters, the balloons contianing words and the details from several Carl Barks pages originally depicting Donald Duck’s …

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    minus, Architecture, Art, Territories

  7. Gerhard Richter’s Mountains: from the Mountain Ranges to Sculptural Paintings


    “Gebirge”, Mountains, is one of the categories of “Atlas“, the large collection of source-images that Richter employed to create his paintings. The figurative works of famous German artist origin, in fact, from photographs projected onto canvas and then transformed in pa…

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    painting, realism, Art, Territories

  8. "Je croyais voir un piège", by Laurent Millet (2012)


    Je croyais voir un piège (“I thought I saw a trap”) is a 2012 set of photographs and sculptures by French artist Laurent Millet, exhibited at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (Paris). The works come from a residency of the artist in the park of Belval (Ardennes, France), the for…

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    hunting, nature, photography, Architecture, Art

  9. Blue Cities for Crystal Globes, by Tom Radclyffe


    Tom Radclyffe is a London based illustrator currently studying Ma Visual Communication. He draws densely detailed portraits of cities and buldings, suspended in a new reality between fact and fiction.   Here follows an interview originally published in Grafik.net     You use a …

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    city, drawings, Architecture, Art

  10. Klaus Rinke: Time, Space, Body, Transformations


    Klaus Rinke is a German artist who explored several artistic means (painting, sculpture) before concentrating on body art. He especially used the movement of the body, captured through performance and photographs, as a means to express the passing of time. The theme of the clock itself,…

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    body art, time, Art, Culture

  11. A Book of Images Drawn by William Thomas Horton (1898)


    A collection of both mundane and mystical scenes, A Book of Images is an odd work by W.T.Horton (1864-1919). Mystic, illustrator and author, Horton created minimalistic black and white drawings similar (but not as good, honestly) to those of Aubrey Beardsley and Charles Ricketts. Images of sy…

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    drawings, Architecture, Art, Territories

  12. Moving Boundaries in the Alps: Italian Limes (Venice Architecture Biennale 2014), by Folder and collaborators


    After actually visiting the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia, during the last week, we finally had the pleasure to discover (and understand) some installations we have neglected in our previous virtual visits to this year’s exhibition. One of these is &…

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    Biennale, border, Cartography, gps, Architecture, Culture, Media, Technology, Territories